A Practical Guide for Startup Valuation: An Analytic Approach

Book cover of A Practical Guide for Startup Valuation in IMAA e-library

This book sheds new light on the most important contemporary and emerging startup valuation topics. Drawing on the first-hand professional experience of practitioners, professionals, and startup experts from various fields of finance, combined with a sound academic foundation, it offers a practical guide to startup valuation and presents applications, practical examples, and case studies of … Read more

Corporate Valuation: A Practical Approach with Case Studies

Book cover of Corporate Valuation - A Practical Approach with Case Studies in IMAA e-library

This book provides students with basic knowledge and advance skills for addressing practical challenges in valuation. First, the book presents financial information as a vital ingredient for performing corporate valuation. Second, the book presents key concepts of value and valuation and basic techniques for cash flow discounting. Third, the book offers an understanding of the … Read more

Valuation and Sustainability: A Guide to Include Environmental, Social, and Governance Data in Business Valuation (Sustainable Finance)

Book cover of Valuation and Sustainability in IMAA e-library

Do you want to know how to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into business valuation? This book will help you do so step-by-step. The book primarily aims at reaching two types of audiences: practitioners and students in finance (graduate and undergraduate level). Practitioners in finance will find interest in the book, as it … Read more

Tax Due Diligence beim Unternehmenskauf

Book cover of Tax Due Diligence beim Unternehmenskauf in IMAA e-library

Die Due Diligence bezeichnet die gebotene Sorgfalt, mit der beim Kauf bzw. Verkauf von Personen- oder Kapitalgesellschaften, Betrieben oder Immobilien das zu erwerbende Unternehmen im Vorfeld der Akquisition von der Unternehmensführung und deren Beratern überprüft und analysiert wird. Die auch in Deutschland unverzichtbare steuerliche Untersuchung und Analyse des Zielunternehmens (Tax Due Diligence) dient dem Ziel, … Read more

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private Equity

Book cover of Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private in IMAA e-library

The Secrets Behind Selling Your Business for the Best Price Possible You spend years working 24/7 to build a business that will prosper and provide a good living for you and your loved ones. But when it comes time to exit your own company and either retire or change things up, do you fully understand … Read more

Applied Valuation: A Pragmatic Approach

Book cover of Applied Valuation in IMAA e-library

Valuation is part art and part science. While there are wrong ways to value a stock, there may be no single correct way to value a stock. Applied Valuation: A Pragmatic Approach helps to bridge theory and how valuations can be implemented in practice. It offers pragmatic solutions that are in line with valuation principles, and explains … Read more

Middle Market M & A: Handbook for Advisors, Investors, and Business Owners

Book cover of Middle Market M & A Handbook in IMAA e-library

An in-depth and practical exploration of middle-market mergers and acquisitions from leading experts in the field In the newly revised Second Edition of Middle Market M & A: Handbook for Advisors, Investors, and Business Owners, mergers and acquisitions experts Kenneth H. Marks, Christian W. Blees, Michael R. Nall, and Thomas A. Stewart deliver a comprehensive overview … Read more

The Merger & Acquisition Leader’s Playbook

Book cover of The Merger & Acquisition Leader's Playbook in IMAA e-library

Make your next merger or acquisition one for the ages Meant to create value potentially fueled by synergies, the reality is that most mergers and acquisitions fail. It’s estimated that 83% of mergers and acquisitions do not hit their desired results. The Merger & Acquisition Leader’s Playbook tells you why most mergers fail. More importantly, it … Read more

Financial Modeling and Valuation

Book cover of Financial Modeling and Valuation in IMAA e-library

Written by the founder and CEO of the world-renowned New York School of Finance, Financial Modeling and Valuation provides clear and systematic guidance on accurately evaluating the soundness of a stock investment. This invaluable handbook equips investors with the tools necessary for understanding the underlying fundamentals of a rational investment and for making smarter investment decisions in … Read more

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