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The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances is a not-for-profit think tank and the only globally recognized association for M&A.

Our faculty and M&A experts are frequently sought after commentators in international media. Among the renown newspapers are Financial Times, Le Monde, New York Time and Wall Street Journal, news agencies like Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and Thomson Reuters or Television as Bloomberg and CNN. Below you find a collection of our faculty and Institute “in the news”.

IMAA and Faculty in the News

M&A deals require knowledge and training

by Vietnam Investment Review The benefits and value creation in M&A through trainings and preparation are discussed by Prof. Kummer. [...] Read more

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Vietnam needs big deals to reach M&A value exceeding $8 billion

by Vietnam Net Exploring current trends in M&A in VIetnam in 2018 [...] Read more

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Why Oil and Telecom Stocks Are a Good Bet

by US News In this article, opportunities to invest in oil and telecom stocks are discussed. [...] Read more

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The bears are starting to sniff around the bond market

by Global and Mail The people who should know say a quarter-century of balmy weather for bond holders is now over. For shareholders, too, the weather is turning chillier. [...] Read more

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Uber likely isn’t the world’s most valuable startup anymore

by Quartz Japanese tech giant SoftBank is poised to buy a sizable stake in Uber at a significant discount, after investors and employees put shares equal to about 20% of the company up for sale, [...] Read more

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Merger of Equals – Praxair and Linde merger beneficial

by Nina Trentmann   Praxair Inc. and Germany’s Linde AG won’t rack up huge piles of debt in a merger of equals.     The companies on Tuesday announced they would join forces to create the world’s largest industrial gas company with a combined market value of $66.6 billion.     It’s a shareholder-friendly move that can result in the companies ... Read more

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Lieber beraten statt prüfen

Von Imran Ahmad, Christoph Hus, Hans Christian Müller (Inhalt) und André Schorn (Grafik)   Wirst du zuhause nicht mehr satt, dann schaust du, was der Nachbar hat: In ihrem Stammgeschäft können die großen Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaften kaum wachsen – schließlich sind alle großen Mandate verteilt. Deshalbdrängen PwC, Deloitte, KPMG und EY (Ernst & Young) mit Macht in die boomende Beraterbranche. Dazu kaufen die „Big 4“ immer ... Read more

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Một thị trường tăng trưởng tới 65%, nhà đầu tư sẽ tiếp tục rót tỉ USD vào lĩnh vực nào?

Ngành công nghiệp và dịch vụ liên quan, điển hình là lĩnh vực dệt may và nhựa sẽ là một trong những ngành hấp dẫn nhà đầu tư thực hiện các thương vụ M&A trong thời gian tới. Thị trường mua bán sáp nhập (M&A) của Việt Nam đang trở thành một trong những thị ... Read more

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Les fusions-acquisitions tiendront leurs promesses

by Le Courrier du Vietnam Le Vietnam est considéré comme un pays de plus en plus attractif pour les opérations de fusions-acquisitions (M&A). Selon les prévisions, la valeur des transactions pourrait atteindre 6 milliards de dollars. Points de vue des gestionnaires et spécialistes du domaine. La croissance des M&A est contraire à la tendance mondiale.…

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Available Programs

International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IM&A)

This training goes beyond the introduction level and theoretical concepts as it’s designed with ready-to-use tools and practices for industry professionals. Every session is crafted and taught by our M&A veterans who share their insights and know-how gained through years of real-world practice.

Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (M&AP)

The Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (M&AP) is a program designed to meet the needs of auditing, consulting, deal advisory, investment banking, and legal professionals. The M&AP covers all aspects of the transaction process and provides insight into running a successful M&A boutique. Gain knowledge in best practices for the M&A process, valuation, due diligence and also for a unique module on Running a Successful M&A Practice. Gaining the M&AP designation signals to employers, colleagues and clients that you invest in being the best M&A practitioner you can be.

Legal Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (LM&A)

Promising deals can go awry because of poor understanding of legal aspects or simply, a lack of preparation and negligence. The Legal Mergers and Acquisitions Expert certification training program covers all relevant topics within the M&A process from a legal standpoint: pre-deal, during due diligence and negotiations, as well as post acquisition. Join a global network of legal experts and M&A professionals interested in legal issues and become a LM&A Charterholder!

Certified Post Merger Integration Expert (CPMI)

The Certified Post Merger Integration Expert (CPMI) is a tailored program to address the needs of advisors, Human Resource professionals, Project Managers, management consultants, change specialists, corporate M&A and integration teams. The program covers all aspect of the post-merger integration process from planning to implementation. The CPMI program is the only globally oriented Post Merger integration certification in existence and is internationally recognized.

HR Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (HRM&A)

The HRM&A program is designed to meet the needs of Human Resource professionals involved in M&A transactions in both corporate and consulting roles. The HRM&A program covers all aspects of the transaction process relevant for HR including strategy, due diligence, Post Merger Integration (Best of PMI), and compensation and benefits. Gain knowledge in best practices for the M&A process and better understand the HR function and its significance during pre-deal or the post-merger integration phase. The HRM&A designation prepares HR practitioners in preparing for the challenges and practical realities of M&A transactions.

Valuation Training with Prof. Aswath Damodaran

The objective of the training is to provide the fundamentals of each approach to valuation, together with limitations and caveats on the use of each, as well as extended examples of the application of each.

International Hospitality Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IHM&A)

As a dedicated training for professionals involved in transactions in the hospitality industry this program does not only provide introduction to M&A and its theoretical concepts but is designed with ready-to-use tools and practices for industry professionals. Every session is crafted and taught by our M&A veterans and Hospitality experts who share their insights and know-how gained through years of real-world practice.

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