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The IMAA-Institute offers a broad range of M&A Statistics, M&A research, M&A Publications, M&A Books and News. Just become free member to get full access to all Data of IMAA.

Datasources and network

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances has the world’s largest free-of-charge M&A Statistics database. Our faculty are the authors of many leading M&A books. Thats why IMAA is frequently covered in the news world wide.


The IMAA-Institute publishes publications and reports by themselves or partner companies around the topic of M&A.

Books and Articles

The IMAA-Institutes faculty members published a wide range of M&A books.


Members, charterholders and candidates have exclusive access to our unique e-library with access to e-books, journals, case studies, and country reports


The IMAA-Institute provides you with the latest news in the area of M&A.

M&A Statistics

The M&A Statistics section of IMAA-Institute is by far the world’s greatest free up-to-date statistics database

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