Book cover of Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private in IMAA e-library

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private Equity

Authors: Jason Hendren
Year: 2023
Month: March
Publisher: Advantage Books

The Secrets Behind Selling Your Business for the Best Price Possible

You spend years working 24/7 to build a business that will prosper and provide a good living for you and your loved ones. But when it comes time to exit your own company and either retire or change things up, do you fully understand what it takes to sell your business for the highest possible price — and possibly even enjoy financial independence for the rest of your life?

Jason Hendren does — because that’s exactly what happened to him. When a buyer came knocking on his door, he was completely unprepared for a sale — but luckily found someone willing to provide him with the professional advice he needed to realize the most lucrative outcome.

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