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Valuation and Sustainability: A Guide to Include Environmental, Social, and Governance Data in Business Valuation (Sustainable Finance)

Authors: Dejan Glavas
Year: 2023
Month: June
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3031305320

Do you want to know how to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into business valuation? This book will help you do so step-by-step.

The book primarily aims at reaching two types of audiences: practitioners and students in finance (graduate and undergraduate level). Practitioners in finance will find interest in the book, as it will give them access to academic knowledge in a format that suits them. Academic research has made substantial advances in the field of business valuation and ESG. The book intends to transform this knowledge into practical and rigorous methodologies for taking ESG into account when valuing a company. Graduate and undergraduate courses have recently developed in business schools, universities, and engineering schools. These courses usually directly refer to academic articles or valuation companies’ website documentation, but not to academic books. Therefore, the book will allow students to have access to centralized and organized information about business valuation and ESG.

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