Book cover of Corporate Valuation - A Practical Approach with Case Studies in IMAA e-library

Corporate Valuation: A Practical Approach with Case Studies

Authors: Benedicto Kulwizira Lukanima
Year: 2023
Month: August
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG; 1st ed. 2023 edition
ISBN: 978-3031282669

This book provides students with basic knowledge and advance skills for addressing practical challenges in valuation. First, the book presents financial information as a vital ingredient for performing corporate valuation. Second, the book presents key concepts of value and valuation and basic techniques for cash flow discounting. Third, the book offers an understanding of the reality of valuation, not simply as a numerical subject, as most people tend to think, but as a combination of objective and subjective aspects. Finally, it examines valuation in relation to the linkage between a firm’s objective, management role in value creation, investors’ decisions, and the valuation role of financial information.

This book is designed and presented to make valuation easily accessible while also not diluting the nature of its complexity. To assist in the learning experience, the author provides illustrative case studies using real world data and review questions tocover all concepts. To assist professors, slides, Microsoft Excel illustrations, working data and sample syllabi are available online for download.

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