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A Practical Guide for Startup Valuation: An Analytic Approach

Authors: Sinem Derindere Köseoğlu
Year: 2023
Month: September
Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2023 edition
ISBN: 9783031352904

This book sheds new light on the most important contemporary and emerging startup valuation topics. Drawing on the first-hand professional experience of practitioners, professionals, and startup experts from various fields of finance, combined with a sound academic foundation, it offers a practical guide to startup valuation and presents applications, practical examples, and case studies of real startup ecosystems.

The book discusses pressing questions, such as: Why are startups in California are higher valued than those in New York? Or why do startups based in London receive higher valuations than those in Paris, Berlin, or Milan, even when they are based in similarly-sized economies, share the same industries, and often even have the same investors? Answering these questions, the authors present key topics, such as hierarchical and segmented approaches to startup valuation, business plans, and sensitivity analysis, many methods such as venture capital valuation, first Chicago valuation, scorecard valuation, Dave Berkus valuation, risk factor summation valuation, and discounted cash flow valuation, in addition to business valuation by data envelopment analysis and real options analysis, as well as critical conceptual issues in the valuation such as expected returns of the venture capital and price versus value concepts, among others.

The book will help angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional investors, crowd-based fractional investors, and investment fund professionals understand how to use basic and advanced analytics for a more precise valuation that helps them craft their long-term capital-raising strategy and keep their funding requests in perspective. It will also appeal to students and scholars of finance and business interested in a better understanding of startup valuation.

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