M&A Activity for construction and engineering industry

Building Tomorrow: Charting the Transformative Journey of Construction and Engineering in M&A


Explore the transformative journey that mergers and acquisitions activity is bringing to the construction and engineering industry.

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances (IMAA) datasets on the M&A activities of the construction and engineering sector meticulously showcases aggregate data on number of deals and value of deals from 1985 to 2023. The dataset further offers valuable valuation information on deal multiples such as Enterprise Value to EBIDTA and Enterprise Value to Revenue. This offers an in-depth view of the industry’s evolution over nearly four decades. 


The historical aspect of the data is particularly invaluable. It empowers industry analysts and decision-makers to discern the market’s cyclical nature. By dissecting long-term trends and patterns, one can identify periods of significant activity, stagnation, or decline. This knowledge is pivotal for companies in timing their market entries or exits strategically. Understanding these market fluctuations is essential for optimizing both investment and operational strategies, allowing companies to make decisions that are not only timely but also informed by a historical context.


As we navigate through this extensive data, we unveil the trends and patterns that have defined the industry’s growth and transformation during this period. 

At a Glance: M&A Activity in Construction and Engineering from 2021 – 2023

2021 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

5,359 Deals

USD 438 Billion

In 2021, the construction and engineering industry maintained a robust pace in M&A activities, with 5,359 transactions amounting to USD 438 billion. This performance continues a long-standing trend of significant M&A impact within the industry. 


Since 1985, the sector has witnessed 109,552 M&A transactions totaling USD 9.5 trillion, underlining its substantial influence on the global economy.


2022 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

4,629 Deals

USD 445 Billion

Compared to the previous year, 2022 observed a decline in volume of deals, by 14%, and a minor increase in value of deals by 2%.

2023 M&A Activity

Overall Transactions

Overall Value

3,855 Deals

USD 192 Billion

In contrast to 2022, this year showed a notable decrease of about 17% in the number of deals, the value of deals seeing a significant decline of roughly 57%

Download the IMAA Dataset on M&A Activity in Construction and Engineering (1985 – 2023)

IMAA’s M&A activity dataset in the construction and engineering sector stands as a cornerstone resource. It offers a holistic view of the industry’s historical development, equipping various stakeholders with the crucial data needed for well-informed decision-making, strategic planning, and a deep comprehension of the market’s nuances. This dataset goes beyond simple numerical data; it is an essential navigational tool for interpreting the industry’s historical journey and anticipating its future trajectory. Through its detailed insights into past trends, financial evaluations, and benchmarking capabilities, it plays a significant role in informing the strategic choices that will shape the future landscape of the construction and engineering sector.

Construction and Engineering M&A Activity Datasets

Annual and Monthly Deals

Deal Multiples (Enterprise Value/ EBITDA)

Deal Multiples (Enterprise Value/ Revenue)

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