Valuation Course



Valuation is one key aspect when mastering M&A transactions. This module comprehensively discusses the various methods used in valuation of a private and public firm in a domestic and a cross border setting. Candidates are provided with guidelines for identifying and implementing the correct assumptions for various valuation methods. Moreover, the candidates will also learn about different methods of financing deals and the corresponding characteristic.

This Valuation course can be taken standalone, or as part of our M&A certification programs:

Course format:

  • Lectures, videos and additional readings.
  • Mentoring by tutors through the whole course.
  • Around 25 hours of study

Testing format:

  • Testing after every sub module
  • Real-life business cases
  • Case studies and multiple choice quizzes

Grading format:

  • No public grading.
  • After submitting each assignment you receive personal feedback within 48 hours.
  • You can retake every assignment as often as you like. No additional fees.

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