Post Merger Integration Course



In many cases, companies after an acquisition or merger need to integrate the organizations. Traditionally the PMI process is the true and decisive aspect that determines whether the transaction will make it or break it and its ultimate success or failure. For the cases where integration aspects matter, this module will cover the success factors of PMI. It will explain the relation of M&A Strategy and the different choices of integration approaches.

We will explore the various forms to organize, govern and structure the PMI efforts and activities. The planning for PMI will be explored what can be done even before the closing and during the actual shaping of the transaction. From the various time dimensions, different work streams and projects to cover from Day 1 and beyond – often split what can and must be achieved during the First 100 Days and longer term within the first 2 years of combination.

This Post Merger Integration course can be taken standoline, or as part of our M&A certification programs:

Course format:

  • Lecutres, videos and addidtional readings.
  • Mentoring by the faculty members through the whole course.
  • Around 25 hours of study

Testing format:

  • Testing after every sub module
  • Real-life business cases
  • Multiple-Choice Exam (50 Questions)

Grading format:

  • No public grading.
  • After submitting each assignment you receive personal feedback within 48 hours.
  • You can retake every assignment as often as you like. No additional fees.

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