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    What are the resources needed to run a successful Post Merger Integration (PMI)?


    What are useful ways to prevent the loss of key talent or key employees following an acquisition or merger?


    What are post merger integration plans? And what do they usually cover?

    Anirvan Sen

    Many companies strategically acquire other companies with the primary intent of increasing their revenue. The belief is that the acquiring company should be able to cross-sell to customers of acquired company and vice-versa. And yet, once the company is acquired and the deal is closed, the leadership teams seem to run out of ideas on how to create a revenue generation plan of combined businesses.

    Anirvan Sen

    On so many occasions during an integration, I have come across many reluctant participants in key roles. Some of them could be due to lack of time or resources but many of them struggled due to their softer, behavioral skills. They were simply not aligned to manage the change. Therefore, it is important that key members of integration teams are assessed on their softer skills prior to starting an integration. What’s your opinion?


    After closing the acquirer usually have a 100 days program of PMI. Do you think 100 days enough?


    What are the challenges you have faced related to Change Management in Acquiring companies and what strategies have you used to overcome those?


    En Route Technologies, a service and solution provider in disruptive technologies Fleet Management System, GPS tracking, Telematics, IoT, Cyber Security, Access Control System, Software Defined Networking, Managed Software, CCTV, Connectivity.


    What is the best post-merger application you have used so far?


    So far, the only HR system able to host information on Sector CBA for the employees has been SAP. Other HRIS system such as Workday, PeopleSoft do not have dedicated fields to host the grades/levels dictated by Sector CBA, in countries such as France, Italy, etc. What is your experience with HRIS?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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