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M&A Books in our E-Library

Corporate Argumentation in Takeover Bids

This volume systematically investigates the role of argumentation in takeover bids. The announcement of these financial proposals triggers an argumentative situation,…

AUTHOR:Rudi Palmieri


The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Process Tools to Support M&A Integration at Every Level

The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions is the ultimate handbook for planning and managing post-merger integration. Packed full of “how to”…

AUTHOR:Timothy J. Galpin


Intelligent M&A: Navigating the Mergers and Acquisitions Minefield

Almost 70% of mergers fail, yet deals are essential for growing world-class companies. Therefore they must use all the tools and…

AUTHOR:Scott Moeller, Chris Brady


The Theory and Practice of Change Management

Why are some organizations, such as Google, Toyota and Xerox, so successful, while others seem destined to fail? The answer lies…

AUTHOR:John Hayes


Due Diligence in China: Beyond the Checklists

Due diligence is crucial to any business deal, and, thankfully, due diligence research has come a long way over the years.…

AUTHOR:Kwek Ping Yong


Effects of Mergers

Effects of Mergers charts the history of six industries with a view to examining the effects of mergers. It deals both…

AUTHOR:Ruth Cohen, P. Lesley Cook


Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions

Communication is the key to organisational success and nowhere is this truism more apparent than in the influence of internal communication…

AUTHOR:Jenny Davenport, Simon Barrow


Managing Culture Clashes in M&A‘s

Merger and acquisition activities have become an integral part of today’s businesses world. They are considered as strategic component to gain…

AUTHOR:Anna Laeser


M&A Integration : How To Do It. Planning and Delivering M&A Integration for Business Success

The flurry of M&A deals announced in 2011, including AT&T’s agreement to acquire T-Mobile USA, ConAgra’s proposed bid for Ralcorp, and…

AUTHOR:Danny A. Davis


Available Programs with Books

International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IM&A)

This training goes beyond the introduction level and theoretical concepts as it’s designed with ready-to-use tools and practices for industry professionals. Every session is crafted and taught by our M&A veterans who share their insights and know-how gained through years of real-world practice.

Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (M&AP)

The Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (M&AP) is a program designed to meet the needs of auditing, consulting, deal advisory, investment banking, and legal professionals. The M&AP covers all aspects of the transaction process and provides insight into running a successful M&A boutique. Gain knowledge in best practices for the M&A process, valuation, due diligence and also for a unique module on Running a Successful M&A Practice. Gaining the M&AP designation signals to employers, colleagues and clients that you invest in being the best M&A practitioner you can be.

Legal Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (LM&A)

Promising deals can go awry because of poor understanding of legal aspects or simply, a lack of preparation and negligence. The Legal Mergers and Acquisitions Expert certification training program covers all relevant topics within the M&A process from a legal standpoint: pre-deal, during due diligence and negotiations, as well as post acquisition. Join a global network of legal experts and M&A professionals interested in legal issues and become a LM&A Charterholder!

Certified Post Merger Integration Expert (CPMI)

The Certified Post Merger Integration Expert (CPMI) is a tailored program to address the needs of advisors, Human Resource professionals, Project Managers, management consultants, change specialists, corporate M&A and integration teams. The program covers all aspect of the post-merger integration process from planning to implementation. The CPMI program is the only globally oriented Post Merger integration certification in existence and is internationally recognized.

HR Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (HRM&A)

The HRM&A program is designed to meet the needs of Human Resource professionals involved in M&A transactions in both corporate and consulting roles. The HRM&A program covers all aspects of the transaction process relevant for HR including strategy, due diligence, Post Merger Integration (Best of PMI), and compensation and benefits. Gain knowledge in best practices for the M&A process and better understand the HR function and its significance during pre-deal or the post-merger integration phase. The HRM&A designation prepares HR practitioners in preparing for the challenges and practical realities of M&A transactions.

Valuation Training with Prof. Aswath Damodaran

The objective of the training is to provide the fundamentals of each approach to valuation, together with limitations and caveats on the use of each, as well as extended examples of the application of each.

International Hospitality Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IHM&A)

As a dedicated training for professionals involved in transactions in the hospitality industry this program does not only provide introduction to M&A and its theoretical concepts but is designed with ready-to-use tools and practices for industry professionals. Every session is crafted and taught by our M&A veterans and Hospitality experts who share their insights and know-how gained through years of real-world practice.

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