Book cover of the Art of M and A (5th Edition) in IMAA E-Library

The Art of M&A: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide (Fifth Edition)

Authors: Alexandra Reed Lajoux
Year: 2019
Month: August
Publisher: McGraw Hill (5th Edition)
ISBN: 978-1260121780

Make every deal a major win! The M&A classic has been updated for today’s business landscape

Since the last edition of this authoritative resource was published, the M&A world has gone from boom to bust and back again―and this new edition brings you completely up to date. With critical lessons learned from the financial crises and regulatory shocks of the past decade, The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition delivers the information and insight you need to make all the right decisions throughout the process.

Learn the ins and outs of:

  • Getting Started―basic process, requirements, and objectives
  • Strategy―deciding what to buy and why
  • Valuation and Modeling―measuring and projecting value pre- and post-merger
  • Financing and Refinancing―sourcing capital
  • Structuring―mitigating financial, tax, and legal risk
  • Due Diligence―investigating a business’s past, present, and future risks
  • Documentation and Closing―pulling everything together to ensure a smooth transaction • Integration―merging resources, processes, and responsibilities to maximize synergies
  • Landmark Cases―legal cases you need to understand

The Art of M&A is an indispensable resource for anyone heavily engaged in the process―whether you’re an executive tasked with growing your businesses, an investment banker structuring transactions, an attorney responsible for due diligence, or an accountant who advises buyers and sellers. Turn to this definitive resource to develop, steward, and close deals that benefit everyone involved.

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