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    Karen Mildenhall

    What have been your most difficult experiences with a DD project?

    I just completed mine. The client was a mid-sized private company. Essentially, the buyer did very little due diligence before purchasing a competitor, and he wanted my help integrating the companies into a single operation. (This was one year after the purchase.) Based on his timelines, we completed DD on the most relevant items impacting post-merger integration in record time. It was a fascinating experience.

    The quality of DD makes a difference in post-merger integration!

    Fahad Al Sulaim

    I think in private companies the due diligence is easier given the fact that the buyer should have unlimited access to books. in a case of a public company the story is different given that the list of due diligence should be submitted and depend on the target management approval and actually you can to nothing about that.

    Po Huang

    I think it’s the validation of data integrity to ensure the data is reliable and accurate.

    Sean Mullin

    Our most difficult task was related to verification of automated systems/technology and how it captured data/statistics/past results, and how those reported results aligned with our methods of reporting in order to create apples/apples comparison.

    Ruth Ng

    My most difficult experiences in DD was a private bancassurance company DD project. Limited human resources worked on an extremely tight timeline with bits and pieces of large amount of data.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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