With COVID, how would one handle Integrations w/o face to face meetings?

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    Clark Murphy

    Given the new environment with the Pandemic and Covid, there is more video conference meetings (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc). Do you think that will be an issue with integrations or even finding synergies with employees going forward with Transactions?



    I would think that with more video conference meetings, it could be helpful in integration and yet pose potential challenges in finding synergies. In terms of helping with integration, video conferencing tools can reduce barriers to communication across different territories through reducing cost and making it easier to communicate. However, it could be tougher to find synergies as it is likely that the richness of non verbal communication will possibly be lost when these communication are not done through face to face.


    Natalie Trabert

    Being unable to interact face-to-face has no doubt made it more challenging to build trust. However- I would encourage leveraging Zoom video as much as possible (vs phone only)- and conduct townhalls, and planning workshops leveraging the full capability of platforms like Zoom and Teams that offer shared documents for collaboration- and breakout rooms, etc.


    Matthias Arnet

    Being not able to meet physically or test/see/apply/benchmarg the respective products of the acquired company makes it much harder to prepare the integration plan and its synergies. It might work at the beginning, but at one point it is key to have physical meetings especially when it comes for cultural topics).

    Of course, online tools such as Teams/Zoom but also video messaging or internal platforms should be used as much as possible, they are of big benefits since they are so established meanwhile.


    Sean Casault

    The absence of in person face to face type meetings certainly makes it more challenging. As others have noted, leveraging available video conferencing technologies help. I would also leverage more real-time collaboration tools particularly in the due diligence phases. MS teams, slack, etc can be beneficial and many are more adept today at using these types of tools to ensure progress while having to collaborate remotely. I don’t see this trend overtaking or replacing the need to physically meet and build relationships in person, but they will maintain an enhanced place in both the M&A and Post-Merger integration processes.


    David Castell

    This could offer new opportunities to local teams who could take over local negotiations on behalf of their HQ organization. Alternatively, external local consulting companies could also take over local negotiations, while buying companies could just connect digitally to the meeting.

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