Why did you choose PMI for your further training?


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    Matthias Lipp

    Personally, I am trying to expand my business development skills with this “supreme discipline”. We have already done some M&As, but in this course I learned a lot about defensive measures and better functional integration. With the course and the certificate I want to professionalize and document our M&A practice.

    Sp why did you chose this PMI certification course?

    Kind regards, Matthias

    Hedwig Duronic

    I was assigned to manage/lead integration activities at out corporation – that´s the reason why I choose the PMI certification course (initial skill adaption training)

    Teresa Drew

    Being an experienced consultant and having worked with several engineering firms, I saw a gap in understanding how acquisitions should be integrated. There seemed to be a set of ‘standard mistakes’ that medium sized firms make as they learn M&A/re-invent the wheel. I decided to take this to try to identify the next mistakes BEFORE we make them and get better at retaining value.

    Tack Kitanaka

    Because in my current role I see both successful acquisition and those that fails and always feel that there is simply a lesser attention given for post-acquisition activities, as compared to the amount of resources and thoughts put in the deal pre-closing (which frankly is the fancy part). There are tons of courses on M&A but not many focus on post merger aspect; but often times I feel that whether the acquired company is able to deliver the value thought out pre-closing really depends on how the PMI activities are planned, communicated, and navigated amongst various unexpected issues arising and various assumptions changing with the passing of time. This is why I now want to focus my learnings officially on PMI part of the M&A lifecycle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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