Who is suppose to lead the Steering committee


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    Billy Fok Kam Luen


    Once the deal is been SIGNED, understand that there will be steering committee. My question is who is suppose to lead this team.
    even though both companies have their expertise, culture, method of working, and have their own agenda. how to ensure the whole process is smooth without any conflict and disagreement?


    Jubran Alshahrani

    Great question!

    The the buyer should lead since they will be steering things on going forward. There will be have to be members from the target company but not the majority as the buyer is trying to meet the right synergies to make the deal successful.


    I think the buyer leads the steering committee but gets someone from the sellers team on the committee asap. Someone with background and history but who can also play politics and help lead the buyer through the transition. I am learning more and more that the deal is made after the paperwork is signed and that is when you can make or break a deal.


    Carolina Batista

    I believe it makes more sense if the Buyer leads it and have key participants from sellers side.


    Navdeep Singh

    I think it depends upon overall objective of buyer for which it started M&A in the first place; however it is highly advisable to involve someone from the target company to ensure sought objectives are met.


    Rochelle Ramos

    I would suggest the Buyer lead the steering committee with key individuals from the acquired company on board. Past practices, historical transactions, and a general understanding of operations is key in determining objectives to move forward successfully. From the Buyers team, appointing someone in the lead role, potentially from finance or operations, will provide a central point of contact and decision maker. This person will work with individuals from a variety of departments, depending on the type of company, to ensure communication and decisions roll out smoothly.


    Tom Saunders

    A member of the ExCo of the Buyer should chair the Steering Committee, with a clear public mandate from the Buyer organisation and their financial backer. The Steering Committee becomes the ExCo of the combined organisation, ensuring clarity of agenda and avoidance of conflicting messages and power-plays.


    Deepak kumar swain

    I would recommend a senior member from the buyer’s organisation to lead the steering committee. this individual should have enough experience/understanding of the buyer company’s operation and business. this individual should able to work with multiple stakeholders from different departments as well as with the acquired company.

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