Which Integration Phase Model Do You Prefer to Use?

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    David C

    There are several different types of models that can be used for integration phases.

    Ranging from the simplistic ‘compact model’ to the overlapping ‘sub-project model’ to the bucketed ‘process model’ to the combined ‘hybrid model’ to the complex ‘matrix model’, PMI teams have many options to choose from.

    For my company’s integrations, we prefer to use the ‘Sub-Project Model’ – which yields several benefits:
    1. It provides a visual illustration of the overall project.
    2. It highlights any potential overlaps or interdependencies between tasks.
    3. It allows you to assign different owners to specific tasks (for clearer accountability).
    4. It allows you to flexibly make updates/edits without impacting the entire project’s duration.

    Which phase model does your company tend to use for integrations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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