What are the change management obstacles?

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    Ruth Ng

    From what I see, the change management failure are mostly due to lack of executive support and inconsistent communication as well as change-resistant culture and attitude.

    Charanjit Sodi

    > Lack of executive support and active sponsorship
    > Lack of effective communication led to misalignment
    > Lack of change buy-in and solution support created resistance
    > Limited knowledge and resources for change management
    > Change-resistant culture and attitude


    completely agree with the lack of effective communication being a major obstacle. Specifically, the assumption that communication from the top will trickle down has been, in my experience, unreliable.

    Woon Pheng Ong

    I believe change management starts with buy-in from the top. If this is not done correctly, coupled with the appropriate incentives, the desired change will not be realised.

    Hamood Alhajri

    Lack of comprehend the new process by employees. In this situation, I would recommend to conduct forums.

    Kishore Ganesh

    Failure to involve employees in the change process. poor or inefficient communication. inadequate resources or budget – see cost of change management. resistance to organisational culture shift.

    Necole Ezell

    Involving employees in the change management process is critical to success. Communication should be transparent, at the right level for the targeted audience, and consistent in both frequency and messaging.


    I like what was said in the videos that:
    – this needs to be top management’s goal, and they must be seen as wholly onboard with the acquisition
    – it is a project, and must be managed.
    – push decisions down as far as possible so its the operations people who are being forced to think about how the integration will happen.

    Camilo Franco

    Communication is key when working with cross-functional teams. The process will be entirely disjointed unless you have setup specific communication touch points and set out clear expectations for everyone to be aligned.

    Boon Hean Lee

    Lack of involvement of the right employees, lack of support from key leaders, and ineffective communication.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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