What are the best technology tools to facilitate the entire M&A lifecycle?

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    Mike Truong

    What are the best tools to manage the M&A lifecycle? What’s used for deal-flow management? Managing pre-close due diligence? Tools to support post-merger integration activities and Day 1 planning?

    Gauri Gupta

    There are several well known software applications available for M&A. Some of these software e.g. Midaxo, eknow and Mergerware provide the entire range from managing M&A deal flow to managing M&A data through VDRs and integration. Others are specific to the theme. A few examples under each: For managing M&A Pipeline – DealCloud, iLevel, eFront, zapflow;
    For VDRs: This is a long list but some of the ones I have used or heard of are ansarada, intralinks, box, iDeals and datarooms. For integration, these are the same as used for project management such as smartsheet, teamwork, Microsoft Projects, Sharepoint, workfront and so on.

    Hope this helps.

    Ryan Dawkins

    We developed our own inhouse platforms using MS Dynamics and Powerproject.


    The best tools to manage the M&A lifecycle include:
    1. DealRoom – a comprehensive deal management platform for M&A professionals, providing workflow automation and data security.
    2. MergerTech – an online platform that helps simplify due diligence and document sharing processes for buyers and sellers in merger transactions.
    3. Intralinks Dealspace – a secure virtual data room designed specifically for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, with features such as document collaboration, analytics, reporting, notifications and more.
    4. HighQ Collaborate – an enterprise cloud-based solution that enables teams to collaborate on documents during the course of M&A deals or other complex projects securely from any location

    For post merger I highly recommend Smartsheets for integration.

    Kester Low

    There have also been a lot of startups recently dealing with these kinds of tool, e.g. Navmima.io, that have been developed by ex-M&A/PE senior management.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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