Ways to increase cross-cultural awareness?

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    Sam Chee

    Given the benefits of diverse cultural perspectives such as inspiring creativity and driving innovation, what are some ways to increase our cross-cultural awareness in the workplace? So that a diverse team can work together effectively.

    Ali Ahmed Alshehri

    One of the best ways is to have a cultural campaign with a series of projects; innovation and problem solving workshops can be a venue to exchange cultural believes and aligning employees with varying cultural backgrounds to work together on a common goals. The key is in promoting overarching “values” as opposed to selecting a specific “cultural trait”. The aggregation of the values over the time will constitute the post-merger culture of the new company.

    Mirinda Lowe

    Having events for cultural exchanges, sensitivities, awareness, learning, etc. is key.

    Ebrima B Sawaneh

    Communication of some of the formal cultures will help the team. Additionally, socialization helps to observe and learn the informal and non-written culture.

    Mohammad Alageeli

    I would say gathering events can really help to close gaps and increase awareness about new cultures

    James Elding

    If a deal is friendly the best way to gain cross-cultural awareness in the workplace is to include the target company as a partner in what the future of the company looks like. One tactic is to include the target company in the organizational design of the newly formed company (i.e., management)

    Abdulaziz Noaim

    Culture can be enhanced in many ways, such as communication, gatherings, celebrations. Also big corporates have non-business facilities where employees and their families can enjoy, such as private beaches, housing, gardens and in-company celebrations occasions, this in my opinion is one of the major contributors to increase the cross-cultural awareness within any firm.

    James Elding

    Having the top leadership of the acquiring company and the acquired company visit each others’ companies (on-premise) for a month is the best way to facilitate this idea. However, in reality it is not likely either side would agree to this, unless cultural was observed as critical for close and PMI

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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