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    Jason Kiang

    We are exploring the idea of hiring a VP of Integration to oversee the integration of of our acquisitions.

    What skillsets do you believe are most necessary for a candidate to be effective in this role?


    I think the most important skill set is the candidate should know the industry very well and the capabilities that your company have with the roadmap to be the best in industry . Of course you have to have strategic corporate plan.



    Arlene Clinkscales

    The most successful integration leaders I’ve seen are skilled in these areas:
    – keen knowledge of their company’s strategy (so they have to be fairly ‘hocked-in’)
    – operational experience.. .they should know some of the operational challenges and happenings
    – technically astute… know the integration function
    – and, understand the various integration methodologies

    Soft skills are also critical – and expected.


    Lawrence Velasco

    For our acquisitions, the “VP for integration” is done by someone closely involved in closing the deal – like the project manager during the transaction, or technical lead or finance lead. This ensures that there is continuity of relationships and continuity of knowledge on the synergies of the deal. I think this is the most important characteristic.


    Bradley D. Soto

    There are a number of critical skills & abilities required to be successful as an Integration Leader:
    (1) Understand the due diligence process to serve as an active participant & evaluate integration risks/opportunities for targeted companies including revenue enhancement opportunities, cost-saving opportunities, product/service improvements, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and other integration need
    (2) Ability to develop comprehensive integration plans by translating the integration strategy into actionable steps to enable consistent integration results. Develop and customize and maintain an integration plan/playbook that can be adapted to a range of integrations based on size and complexity, and clearly define roles, responsibilities, tasks, key milestones & budget needs
    (3) Expert in facilitating & leading high-level integration meetings with a Target company’s senior management
    (4) Drive day-to-day execution of the integration process, including leading and coaching cross-functional teams, facilitating regular integration team meetings, and driving proactive issue resolution. Direct global cross-functional teams in implementing an integration plan ensuring that short-term and long-term strategic objectives are achieved
    (5) Ensure all the financial processes and supports are in place to enable deal close and Day One business operations. Minimize disruption to the existing business while executing the integration strategy
    (6) Define, track, and communicate appropriate key performance metrics to the project team & stakeholders; identify and communicate potential risks and mitigate control risks


    Nick Picone

    – great communication and planning skills
    – cultural awareness
    – good business acumen specific to your industry
    – ability to lead teams and influence others


    stacy hall

    experienced strategic thinker



    – Change Management Competencies
    – Verbal, Written, and Strategic Communication
    – in-depth knowledge of the company’s vision, mission, values, goals and strategy.
    – operational and tactical expertise
    – astute at risk management and due diligence
    – integration expertise
    – in-depth industry knowledge
    – leadership/managerial competencies
    – HR knowledge (at least to ask the right questions)
    – financial acumen


    Esther Persing

    Strong knowledge of the operations of the company or the industry would be key.


    Linda Castle

    All of the above, plus the VP should be unbiased. Best to bring in an outsider that can take a clean look at the big picture and see the best path to realizing synergies and being fair to all.


    Manuela van Ulzen

    – very good people/ change management skills to be able to engage the project team, motivate, explain objectives, etc.
    – good communication skills, open personality, easy to approach
    – project management skills in general
    – good company knowledge
    – hands on personality, agile

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