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    Ahmed Zainalabedin

    Has anyone in this forum has a personal experience where he/she was an employee of a target company that was acquired by a larger firm? Would you share your experience with regards to change management? Was there a sense of uncertainty and lack of motivation? Or was there no impact in your day-to-day business?

    Millie Manning

    In 2017, I worked at a software startup that was acquired by a public company after I had worked there for several years. In my experience, the enterprise wide communication around the acquisition was very well-done, in that we had a clear understanding of the strategic goals and assurance that business would continue as usual. That generally held true, but communication broke down once we got into some of the integration processes. For example, IT rollout of re-imaged equipment and new email addresses, VPN, etc, was poorly managed and confusing. Our middle management was often uninformed, which bred uncertainty within departments. So while the initial communication was well planned, the actual integration plan did not set clear expectations, causing irritation, confusion and a drop in morale.

    Joaquin Blanco Diez

    I know a case in the renewables sector that 4 years after the acquisition they are now starting to work in the cultural dimension. Because portfolio of products was different they have managed to work without a strong “cultural” integration of teams for a while. They are know tacking this topic as synergies in terms of efficiency and productivity are not yet materialize. In this new stage, they are promoting key roles in both companies to take initiatives to foster this dimension and they are getting good results in terms of teaming and collaboration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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