Training & enablement in post-merger integration

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    Steve Schwarze

    I may be biased but I find training & enablement to be one of the most important facets of post-merger integration activities. How have any of you involved training & enablement in your integration plans?


    This is critical. Mergers bring about change. As part of the Human Capital Due diligence, the team should have looked at the processes, systems, and decision trees that form outward examples of corporate culture in action for each of the merging entities. The greater the difference between these, the more training/coaching/mentoring will be required to align behaviors and actions with the new merged entity. Key leaders in each of the departments need to be enabled to execute their new responsibilities within the merged entity. This means the right tools, funding, and resources. The HR teams of the combining entities need to collaborate and build out a training and enablement plan, defining the gaps, the solutions, and programs to engage the teams with appropriate milestones that include success criteria as well as time components. Each decision should be evaluated for alignment with the transaction thesis and the vision for the go-forward merged entity.



    I agree with you Steve, training and enablement is so important during integration. We have recently been a little bit more proactive on using training and enablement during our integrations. We tend to find a lot of need for this during HR, IT, systems, and process integrations. Sometimes this is as simple as an email out to all of the employees or as interactive as multiple training sessions specialized to each department. This can also depend on the companies needs for the training. We have worked hand and hand with the target companies leadership to help us identify where the training and enablement might be needed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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