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    What are some software programs or apps that assist in the PMI process? Does anyone have a favourite and if so why?



    Our organization uses a couple different software programs as it relates to our M&A activity. We are looking into some better options, so I will explain some pros & cons below:

    – SmartSheet: “Cloud-based platform that allows organizations of all sizes to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work across the business…” We use this for our project/cut-over plan and it allows for storing attachments, linking out, and creating dashboards. Pros: it is cloud-based and you don’t need to be a licensed user to use it, so we only have limited licenses for the project mangers and everyone else doesn’t need one, mobile friendly / app option, automation triggers reminders, requests updates, and alerts you of changes. Cons: Doesn’t have all the features you could get with something like MS Project and formulas can’t be as complex as they can be in Excel.

    – SharePoint: “Web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft office. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.” We use this for storing our documents as more permissions can be added to folders. Pros: secure location that can be shared with desired teams/individuals, integrates with other Microsoft products. Cons: requires a license per user, ours does not allow people with other domains to have access – which limits our ability to share the space with the other organization, depending on type – multiple people may not be able to be in the documents at once.

    – Microsoft Teams: “Unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.” This is a newer software we are starting to use. From what I can tell, it is similar to SharePoint – just more user friendly and allows for chat & calls. I haven’t used it much yet, so I don’t have pros & cons at this time.


    Thant Coleman

    I’m with Kara on this one and I would offer that the same tools are used everywhere. What would make a tool “better” or even “great” would be how a particular organization uses them.

    The most common software tools are individual project management scheduling tool (MS-Project, Smartsheet, Excel and even enterprise program management software) and a team collaboration tool (Teams, Sharepoint, Slack and Chatter). The best implementations I’ve seen have workflows built in or have been implemented with an organization’s workflows in mind as this helps to ensure that standard steps are followed, reminders are automatic when tasks are assigned and approvals when required are documented.


    Personally and under my experience, I used SharePoint to track and share information when I’m involved in M&A process but I would like to know another powerfull tools and KPIS that could help me in the future.

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