The Importance of Due Diligence in Accounting Firm M&A

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    Leah Roderick

    Due diligence is an important part of the acquisition process in any sector, and Public Accounting is no exception. HR due diligence is particularly important due to the staffing shortages the industry is experiencing. Competent staff is a tremendous asset, and is sometimes even the driving factor behind a firm’s acquisition endeavors. So, its important to evaluate things like employee retention rates, etc.

    Ronald Mak

    Absolutely, the significance of due diligence, especially in the context of HR, cannot be overstated in the realm of Public Accounting. In an industry grappling with staffing shortages, the importance of competent and dedicated personnel cannot be emphasized enough. Employee talent often serves as a pivotal factor driving acquisition decisions within firms. HR due diligence plays a crucial role in assessing and safeguarding this invaluable asset. Examining metrics such as employee retention rates becomes paramount in understanding the stability and satisfaction levels within a prospective acquisition. A workforce with low turnover not only signifies content and engaged employees but also speaks volumes about the organizational culture and management practices. Beyond retention rates, exploring factors such as professional development programs, leadership initiatives, and employee satisfaction surveys can provide a comprehensive view of the overall health of the workforce.

    Patricia Garduno

    I believe that a QofE should always be done by an outside accounting firm to validate financials

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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