The essence of time in M&A

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    Efficient time management is crucial in M&A due to the dynamic nature of transactions and the potential for external factors to derail progress. Delays can escalate costs and undermine stakeholder confidence, leading to transaction failures. To counter this, stakeholders must prioritize tasks, set realistic timelines, and maintain clear communication. Additionally, leveraging technology and automation tools can streamline processes and expedite decision-making. Ultimately, effective time management is essential for navigating the complexities of M&A transactions and achieving success.
    Do you agree/disagree?

    Arsha Dharmapalan

    Time management is the most essential aspect of M&A and it is often used as delay tactics which springs on to non negotiation on all aspects of the deal. Prioritizing tasks, timelines, clear communication and integration of technology are all important in navigating the time management issue.

    Andre Catrou

    M&A have to run as a specific project with a roadmap, milestone and proper escalation or communication when there is some blockers around the way. Therefore, Project Management is key in the sucess of a m&A.


    Time is especially important if you are in a niche industry where everyone knows everyone. The moment you go to market, be rest assured that rumors would start flying around. If in this situation, making sure you stick to the timeline through effective project management from market launch to signing is key.

    David C

    100% agree! Whenever you undertake a large-scale organizational transformation, you need to map-out a detailed project plan (with a corresponding timeline). This is critical to anticipating all required steps/actions, as well as potential risks/delays. That’s why it’s also crucial to bake-in some ‘buffer time’ within the plan – to account for any potential factors that may derail progress.


    I agree that time management is important; M&A projects are complex and there are a tremendous amount of tasks to execute. Focusing on the interdependencies across your cross functional teams and prioritizing those first will improve your team’s ability to manage time effectively.

    Areti Stampouloglou

    When bidding and negotiating for an M&A transaction one should take its time and give appropriate time to the other side to decide but not to delay without cause. As you all mention, time is crucial and can lead to detrimental effects such as for example destroying value of a company when its top management is occuppied full time with an M&A bid without paying much attention in running the business or loosing stock value or even overeaction and hightening the target’s value when publicly traded companies are involved. Consultants also should be quick, to the point and accurate in their research and analysis. Time is also crucial for the post integration process, which should not be prolonged and at least IT, internal procedures, decision making should be aligned the soonest possible. The only aspect of a post integration that may take much time is changing culture of the employees. It needs a specific plan and consciousness of the situation by the managers who should engage in it, act according to plan with the assistance of the HR and spend much effort.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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