Takeover Defense Strategy

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    Ang Pek How

    Based on your opinion, what is the best takeover defense tactics and strategy? why?


    Silman Ondrej Dia

    Hi there,

    I believe one of the strongest takeover defence strategy is the cross-shareholding that Japanse keiretsu companies have put in place. Companies own each others’ shares which prevent unsolicited takeover attempts.
    In addition this strategy could be coupled by a poison pill tactic which would consist of issuing stock warrants to dilute the acquirer’s holding to make the takeover more expensive.
    I believe both such strategy and tactic would constitute a sound strong defence mechanism in face of a takeover.



    Hello There,

    Isn’t that Japanese strategy impede takeover and acquisition activities required in a capital market?.


    Mateusz Młynarczyk

    An interesting option is the Carlsberg’s case, where the main owner of Carlsberg Brewery is Carlsberg Foundation. This solution practically makes it impossible to carry out a hostile takeover, because it is not possible to take over the foundation.


    Ingrid Holbik

    Mateusz’s case study is very interesting. Thank-you for sharing.

    Another option in capital markets is to have blocks of investors that have significant shareholdings. This creates stability and makes any kind of takeover very difficult to undertake.

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