Strategy to get information from the company being acquired on culture

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    Cindy DeMarco

    My team uses a brief survey approach to engage leaders of the company being acquired by our clients; followed by one on one interviews with the leaders.
    Once we understand disposition of both strengths and concerns, we share with the acquiring leadership to help collaborate on alignment and setting expectations.
    It has worked fairly well for us. I am interested in learning what approaches others employ. Please share.
    Thank you, Cindy


    Thanks for sharing Cindy, this is an interesting approach. Would be helpful to know some of the questions you use in the surveys. I have not yet found the right way of investigating the cultural aspects of a transaction. Clearly sometimes the local commercial teams know many of the target’s employees, have seen them at exhibitions, are ex-staff of the target in our own team or we might have ex-colleagues of ours working with the target. This can give important insights but remains anecdotal. In the management presentations and site visit we certainly seek to gain a better understanding of the target’s culture but it is difficult to “measure” it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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