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    Mohammad Manzouri

    The course material shows that the merging companies should establish workstreams lead by the leaders from the same functions from each company (ie: the head of IT from the target and the head of IT from the purchaser). Once this breakdown into workstreams is done, what are the actual steps for integrating? For example how do you determine which process to keep and which to drop? Obviously you can’t keep redundancies once two companies have merged.

    Albert TAN

    I would recommend some of the steps like vetting Synergy targets, and preparing options for key decisions. Assisting provision of clear information to customers regarding products and services, thus avoiding drop in sales. Create detailed plans with built-in accountabilities.

    Michele Learn

    I think that the overall strategic direction for the acquisition should be the basis for how the function leads determine the steps for integrating the company. This strategy should also be used to determine the best timing for integrating the various functions. The goal ideally is to integrate in such a way that the new entity continues to thrive and provide value. In some functions this may mean merging of systems/processes etc…but it may also mean retaining redundancy in situations where assimilation would jeopardize the value contribution of the new entity.

    Dorminic Kang

    The workstreams are established based on a fixed set of parameters contained in the workstream charters. This include the goal/objectives of the workstream, the KPI of the workstream and the key outputs/deliverables from the workstream. These parameters are defined based on the identified synergies of the merger. For example, if the identified synergy is to leverage on both companies’ distribution channels to increase sales, a workstream charter for distribution with such synergy as a deliverable and perhaps a sales target as a KPI would be established. The workstream charter will also include the key activities which are in scope – these are the actual steps for integration to follow and in doing so the function will be able to make decisions on improving processes and eliminating redundancies to achieve the identified synergies.

    Kim Morrison

    I agree with Michelle. It all needs to be guided by the goals and synergies of the deal. This will help to prioritize the work to focus on the value streams that will realize the quick wins and generating revenue in the first 100 days.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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