Should middle management raise concerns of potential merger?

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    Yeonlin Leonard Lee

    When some of the BU heads propose potential merger/acquisition to the chairman, you know it doesn’t make sense and the real reason is just for them to buy time or bury the financials of existing business, what can or should you do? Especially when your boss is also in the line and by raising voices it is likely that the chairman will choose to listen to the BU heads.

    I’ve seen cases in my previous companies where merger is done but none of the promises/forecast being realised.


    I think it really comes down to the corporate culture you have within your organization. In my company, concerns are encouraged, so it would be easy to bring up these objections no matter what job you do.
    I’d prepare a slide deck where I’d outline all of my concerns and back those up with similar failed acquisition stories you can find online. Also, include financial numbers as much as possible – basically build a case for WHY THIS IS A BAD IDEA. If they go ahead with the acquisition and it fails, you can always bring your past presentation up as an example for the next time they decide not to take into consideration Middle Management’s concerns.


    Hello Alexandra:

    Great advice! PPT with concrete data to support an opinion or recommendation is always advisable.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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