Role of Internal Control function in a merger

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    Mohamed Emara

    I believe that the role of Internal Control in a merger is very important to ensure that the controls built into the systems, reflected in the policies and procedures, and applied by the entity’s staff are aligned all over the group. The integration phase of the transaction is critical to the success of a merger in which the internal control function should be involved.


    Helen Moulinos

    I agree that an internal control function is needed. However, the tricky decision is which company’s standards and controls? If you don’t have legal/regulatory guidelines it can be up to the interpretation of each company to define and agree ‘what good looks like’.


    Sonia Shah

    Hi, I couldn’t agree more! It is absolutely crucial to determine which company’s controls/policies and procedures one is adhering to. It is essential to ensure there is a significant transition period for the target company to get accustomed to these new controls as well – as I’ve seen some integrations fail without proper training and post-integration check-in efforts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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