Right amount of effort to put in a DD?

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    Michel Kropf

    Do you find it easy to gauge the right amount of time, money and effort to invest in a DD? The transaction size will sure play a role, but tax/legal liabilities or reputational risks need also to be mitigated depending on the business.

    Kevin Deasy

    This is an issue I have on most deals I run. Usually, it is due to size and complexity, but I’ve also found it has much to do with the sophistication and foresight of the seller.

    Liwei Wang

    It is related to the different factors of the transactions and targets, such as in an asset deal, less DD on the historical tax liability and employee liabilities; if the target is a public listed company, there would be less concerns on the anti bribery DD; and smaller scale target, would need less time/ less effort on DD.

    Yanxuan Yang

    It is about balancing – identifying the most significant aspects that could have a material impact on the commercial terms of the transaction. There will definitely be other types of issues left untouched but these can always be incorporated as assumptions of the offer, caveats for the next stage of the transaction or as conditions precedent to closings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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