Rescuing an At-Risk Integration effort

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    Steve Schwarze

    I am currently working with two integration efforts that are in danger of failing. One is in danger because improper due diligence took place during deal closing. The other is in danger because a proper integration was not put in place so we are “making it up as we go.” What advice would you have to try and recover these efforts?



    In my opinion, for the first case, conduct a comprehensive risk analysis to identify risk factors and measure/ assess their probabilities and impacts. For the latter, I suggest reviewing and re-devising the integration plan, albeit if there is any and creating an IMO to manage the integration process and any changes required.



    I agree with the response above. I think in both situations you need to take a step back and go back to the planning phase whether that is only for a few key tasks or the integrations plan as a whole and sometimes adding more resources can be helpful, anything from people, systems, processes, etc.


    Matthias Arnet

    Fully agree with the above inputs, 1) proper risk-assessement and for 2) re-doing the integration plan for the key tasks and synergies.

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