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    Dustin Delewski

    I’m curious to know: which project management applications/tools people have found to be most useful and amenable to M&A integration projects?

    Dalia Abushulaih

    One tool we work with that has been built in-house is called the ‘M&A Playbook’. This is used as an M&A management guiding tool, including scenarios, to fit all types of M&A’s, regardless of how advance the user is. It both teaches, explains, and provides tools. Attached within the book, are templates, and historic examples of M&A’s that company has had.

    Michael Fortunato

    Technically it is a project management tool but I always like the business architecture approach to mapping capabilities, value streams and stakeholders. It clarifies the picture of who does what and surfaces gaps in capabilities and decision making.

    Melissa Lehman

    We have used a platform called Devensoft. It allows for project management from target identification all the way through integration. There are pro and cons to using the platform, but it is a great way to keep track of due diligence process, action items, risks, tasks, document retention, etc.


    I believe that MS Project is a highly effective tool that allows for defining project activities and measuring performance in terms of SPI and SV.

    Dana Hoernke

    I’m also curious on what others recommend here. Previously, I’ve primarily used Smartsheets from a project management tool perspective. Some other groups/workstreams have used Trello – which offers a visual and flexible platform for task management, allowing teams to organize workflows and track progress easily. Asana provides robust features for project planning, task assignment, and communication, facilitating seamless coordination among team members — my Marketing team prefers this tool. Additionally, Microsoft Teams integrates well with other Microsoft Office tools, offering a centralized hub for communication, file sharing, and collaboration… which I’ve used for broader, company-wide updates.

    Delphine Tounzi

    We have invested into EKnow, a 100% M&A tool like Devensoft or Midaxo.
    We are an international company and having an on-line platform is critical to us. EKnow provides good coverage on all the M&A steps, and good project management tools. The good thing here is the synergy module. We are running our synergy tracking there. And also our TSAs as we have been doing some divestitures over the last 2 years.
    On top of that, which is used to track IMO level milestones progress and synergies, we use Microsoft Teams for file sharing, general updates and commmunication with the workstreams.

    Tim Schinke

    We simplify and use Xcel spreadsheet in a share file allowing access to the entire deal team.

    Zain Athar Mirza

    No tools as such – just excel

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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