Projcet management of multi-area DD's


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    Andreas Pournos

    In practice, many DD’s require simultaneous actions from different professionals. Legal DD co-works with IP, patent and brand protection and environmental DD. Financial DD co-works with commercial DD, especially for the validity of the business plan as well as with Tax and Legal DD for the proper recognition of deferred taxation and provision for legal disputes.
    What should be the proper strategy to organize a holistic approach keeping in mind that is not always easy the cherry picking of service from different professional especially when they provide a full range of services.



    Hi Andreas!

    We are currently working on our M&A Playbook within HR and had a similar question especially in how we have a holistic approach to all areas (not just DD) since we aren’t responsible for them. We created a draft of our playbook outline and met with other groups to talk through our plan. If they didn’t have anything for their area, we asked if they wanted to be included in ours for consistency. If they had something already, we scheduled time to see how the groups intersect and what made the most sense for moving forward. We’re still having those discussions, but so far has been well received.



    Matthew Au

    I think it would be helpful to have a recurring meeting with everybody in one room to make sure all the subject matter experts have a voice in the DD topic.

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