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    Sean Mullin

    Has anyone found any particular areas of the company(ies) to struggle with post merger integration vs. those that excel (example: IT and operations seem to struggle where finance did not). Why and what drove the end result – departmental culture, complexity, IMO leads, etc.?

    Ian Smith

    I see a lot of success story’s coming from seasoned acquirer’s – it is rare that everything goes to plan when it is a first for the buyer or seller or both.
    A lot of the time it is culture, protection of ego, hubris and fear of change that affects adversely the success of a merger. Things get left behind too during DD due to lack of expertise.
    This can be a factor too when people who have done many mergers or mistake scale to be the same as complexity and get complacent.

    Abhijit Dutta

    I think integration of each line function brings in its own set of operational challenges to deal with during integration. However I see cultural mismatch, communication gap and lack of clarity on deal objective as the major reasons why companies struggle during post merger integration phase.

    Erin Gray

    For my company, our Accounting department struggled the most due to the target company using different accounting methods and programs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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