New companies are coming over understaffed – how are you filling the gaps


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    Greg Jessup

    Over the last six months I have noticed that our newcos are coming over severely understaffed. Staffing is becoming one of the top priorities after close. Are you seeing this? How are you addressing immediate needs?

    Charanjit Sodi

    Managing and supporting employees through cultural change in mergers. Mergers represent an enormous operational and cultural change for employees. Culture is too often neglected
    Gaps can be identified as:
    1) Define change management in mergers broadly
    2) Set priorities
    3) Communicate support changes

    Jamie M

    This is a constant issue we have seen even recently. We need to plan to supplement HR, IT, Finance etc. This is a burden on our already busy functional teams. The other issue is that those making the retention plan dont always consider these functions as critical and the retention time is too short. Influencing these decisions is critical to ensure the success of an integrations

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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