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    Measuring the success of an M&A transaction can be a complex process that involves analyzing various factors. How do you measure success of a deal in your company?

    Bernold Beckenbauer

    Based on my experience believe the following key indicators are important to measuring the success of M&A transaction:

    1. Financial Performance
    2. Synergy Achievement
    3. Market Position
    4. Employee Retention
    5. Customer Retention
    6. Stakeholder Value

    Do you see any others based on your experience?

    walid ardhaoui

    Enhanced brand equity and a general reduction in the risk level of the corporation are also good indicators of success.

    Matthias Lipp

    I´d like to add Employee satisfaction survey results

    Lana Ilchenko

    I would also add ‘buy vs build’ analysis and ‘speed to market’ if the purpose of the M&A was to acquire new capabilities & expertise

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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