Managing language barriers throughout a transaction and post-merger integration

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    Ceri Barton

    For those who have experience of cross-border mergers, what approach, tools and resources were most valuable in creating clear communication throughout the deal process and PMI?


    R Ganes Ramalingam

    The cross boarder deals could be very challenging, where I’ve dealt with few within the Asia region. Rather than the language, I would strongly say understanding their culture is most important. Many M&A transactions failed due to cultural misunderstanding. As for the language and communication we did try few tools but it didn’t work well, the best was to engage a professional interpreter at the beginning till we had access to the target team as there might be English speaking individuals but just not at the higher management level.


    Sean Casault

    I don’t have any experience with cross-border or cross-cultural M&A transactions. However, I would expect that a blended use of both professional translators and technology in addition to agreement on a common “shared” language during the transaction and integration process, particularly for key issues/challenges, would be the best approach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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