M&A Opportunities from ongoing COVID19 crisis

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    Wei Zhong Ong

    With the ongoing COVID19 crisis affecting the world, we are likely to see a K-shape recovery of the economy – some sectors will continue to suffer while others will prosper. Some sectors which are badly hit include the aviation and tourism industries while sectors like financial services and healthcare will do very well. Amid this crisis, we will see winners and losers emerging from this crisis. What do you think are some potential winners who will leverage on this crisis and come out stronger?


    Julie Meador

    Leading edge technology companies, e.g., AI, ML, edge computing, big data – demand has not diminished for their solutions.


    Lawrence Velasco

    I think potential winners are necessities in the retail space who have strong IT operations, utilities, and tech companies. These are the clear winners.


    Awais Dilawer

    The companies with strong leading teams, technology, expertise, effective marketing plans can effectively manage their operations and come out as winners even the worst economic conditions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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