M&A Integration Best Practices for HR

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    Matthew Au

    Hi everybody – My name is Matt and I support M&A integration efforts for HR. I am interesting in learning how others work with HR in integration planning and post-merger integration. For us, we create a recurring weekly meeting and have work stream meetings with all


    Ashley Sekeres

    Hello Matt, My company does the same with HR. Though initially before closing we have separate meetings 1 with internal SME’s then one with the target SME’s, after closing we then have a joint weekly meeting.


    Ingrid Holbik

    Hi Matt

    Have you considered cross populating the workstreams and have HR involved in all workstreams so that they may provide input as required; particularly around cultural matters?



    Hi Matt! I also support HR and for our most recent M&A, we had the M&A Program governance structure below:

    Enterprise Integration Team
    HR M&A Program Exec. Steering Committee (Owns strategy, interprets enterprise strategic plans, provides budget parameters, owns policy, decision authority / ownership)
    HR Business Lead (Represents the business / sponsor, overall business lead on the program, shapes the business solution, leads program in collaboration with program office)
    HR M&A Program Office (Defines program/project standards, managers program plan, monitors milestone progress/status, managers interdependencies across program, manages/escalates program level risks/issues, facilitates level 2&3 decisions, partners with change management team to manage change/communications for M&A activities)
    (Initiatives) M&A 1, M&A 2, M&A 3…
    (Workstreams & Support) Workforce Transition, Standardization, etc.


    Melissa Mason

    One aspect that was helpful for our merger was a formal Turnover to the Business. Once the merger was complete, we brought all the stakeholders together and outlined all the Turnover activities for each functional area. I am the HR Lead for M&A so I met with all the groups to clearly outline next steps for HR. Then in addition to the workstream meetings, I also met with the core HR team regularly to ensure they were in the loop on all activities.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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