M&A Deals in the Saudi Market

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    Sultan Alrammah

    What are you projections for the number of M&A deals in the Saudi Market for the next 10 years in comparison with the past 10 years?

    Will that number increase? decrease? or remain the same? and why?


    Fahad Aziz

    High rate will continue into the middle of 2022. AS we recover from pandemic saudi market saw m&a jump by over 75% in 2021 compared to last year. this is mainly inorganic deals in the IT, Healthcare and petchem sectors.


    Faisal Juhani

    To start off with, I think companies merge for different strategies. One is to consolidate recourses to survive tough times, another is to create value and grow at a faster pace. As the upcoming years will serve the mentioned purpose of mergers, I think M&A deals will continue to grow.


    James Elding

    I have no experience in the Saudi market for M&A. I live in Canada, and not sure if there are different economic drivers for mergers in the Saudi market (different from Canada). Be interested in learning a bit more about what is happening in the Saudi market these days. Especially post Covid.


    Moazzam Khawaja

    Future is bright for KSA. The kingdom has transformed into a business market for global organizations looking for new merger and acquisitions. Currently, KSA market is estimated to be around USD 1 billion with activities in education, energy and e-commerce. Despite current challenges, next few years could be a period of growth for companies push to boost margins and cut costs.


    Carl Esterhuysen

    There is a push to diversify and open the Saudi economy, however, in my opinion the M&A activity will be largely impacted by crude prices, as this significantly drives the investor sentiment. Also, as experienced in other jurisdictions post-Covid, companies will be very focussed on capital discipline and shareholder value, which means potential deals will receive lots of scrutiny.


    Mohammed Badughaish

    The Saudi market is an emerging market where most sectors are experiencing accelerated growth. In my opinion, there will be a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the Saudi market as companies are trying to more customer centric and provide a better journey. In order to achieve these goals, companies will need to search for synergies and better opportunities.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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