M&A as R&D

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    In your experience, what are the biggest challenge companies face when using M&As as R&D? And how do you ensure integration of new entities in your existing R&D organization while maintaining full operability and delivering on time?


    Henrik Jernstrom

    Even for a proud R&D heavy company, M&A might be an efficient way of progressing faster, covering more R&D areas, and lower cost. I think the main challenge of integrating a company in R&D is the pride of the acquirer’s own R&D organization. The pride is good/important in a way but also can mean “not invented here” attitude. A way to tackle this challenge is to ensure there is clarity on what the acquired company organization is supposed to do vs. what the acquirer’s organization (keeping the teams separate); like a partner/supplier contract. Another way merge the teams and focus on culture bonding – however this takes time.



    M&A as R&D can allow companies to obtain new technology and become a market leader. However, cultural fit and strategic direction of the company should be considered before any acquisition to prevent any potential conflicts.



    Intellectual Property is an important aspect of R&D teams in corporations. So, in such a proposed merger, the Intellectual Property polices must be aligned before the merger so that any issues arising can be ironed out easier later. Aspects to consider include – rewards & recognition scheme for patent filings, IP ownership when collaborating with external parties and IP strategies (where to file patents etc.).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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