M&A and Job Creation

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    Craig Hasler

    I think this is a topic where there are strong arguments on both sides…

    Do M&A deals create or destroy jobs in the long run?

    Interested to hear your thoughts…

    Leeanne Ang

    I think that M&A deals may potentially destroy jobs in the long run. If company A and B both have a CFO, it is likely that they will only require 1 CFO, and the other CFO will either be demoted or made redundant. This will be a good thing for the company as a means to cut costs, but on the other hand, it may mean more unhappy emoployees.

    Lim Cheng Pier

    M&A does create and kill jobs. Basically, some jobs will no longer be required / relevant whereas some jobs will evolve. In the process, new jobs are also created.

    Beau White

    I think mergers create unique opportunities for top talent. I do think there are areas that face significant FTE cutbacks.

    Nathan Komorowski

    I think it is dependent on the size and the structure of the two organizations. If both are relatively small and this could be doubling their size, then I would think it would create positions to be able to handle the jump in assets. If it is a large taking another medium to large organization, you will see more jobs being dissolved due to redundancy in positions.


    I see M&A activity ultimately reducing resources, HR and otherwise. The goal is to take two companies and create one (somehow), which ultimately, would require a reduction for efficiencies.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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