Legal Team as M&A Professionals

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    Ahmed Fawad Muslim

    How does the attorney deals with the planning and negotiation stages of DD which is an integral part of the M&A?

    Just one line advise would be appreciated so everyone can contribute to assist the legal practitioners.

    Thank you for taking time reading this post.

    Barrister Fawad Muslim

    Leeanne Ang

    Lawyers and attorneys should understand the industry to which the the M&A is taking place so as to understand the pitfalls. Prior to any negotiations, investigative checks on the company as well as directors/shareholders should also be done.

    Ricardo Chanis

    M&A lawyers should have in the data system all encompassing legal DD check lists which can be initially drafted by lawyers using other check lists that have been used in the past by colleagues or by other M&A professionals. Lawyers should them review these lists and produce their own check lists from their own experience. Then when a specific transaction is to take place it should be reviewed and updated by the lawyer to include matters that may be specific to the such transaction and its industry. Such check lists should also be updated with the times and with new regulations that may be applicable form time to time.


    I did not have any legal team. but i know one of the most fastest and professional team. you just send understandable deal and overall strategy. then we will handled over all situation.

    Trusted General Contractors in Marietta GA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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