Job Satisfaction in M&A PMI vs. something else

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    Mark Butikofer

    What are your Pros and Cons of M&A PMI vs. other jobs you’ve worked??

    I’ve worked in M&A IT Consulting for the majority of my career – performing IT Due Diligence & IT Integration Planning (typically transition a project to an IT Integration Program / Project Manager).

    Having worked in other roles in the Corporate World (in my case, Fortune 100) – some business, some IT,… I like the space I occupy – somewhere between the Business and IT. There are Pros and Cons of working in this position.

    * Continually working with new deals – on high priority, fast-moving projects
    * Working with Sr. Business & IT leaders
    * Being somewhat of a specialist which isn’t easily replicated by others
    * Working in the gray space – sometimes, perhaps often, we’re doing something new and there might not be an easy guidance
    * Periodic travel – experiencing different cultures
    * Learning opportunity – there’s a ton to learn

    * Unpredictable workload – in some cases, it can wane,. and overnight it can spike, requiring you to put in long days and weeks
    * Not many people know what you do in the company – and you really can’t talk much about what you’re working on
    * Being pulled into more classic consulting needs by your employer – understanding that an M&A project could be kicked off tomorrow

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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