Is your PMI process global or local?

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    MaryBeth Gallagher

    When you run an IMO and PMI team, do you use the same process regardless of the location of the target company/country where the merger will take place? Or do you have local PMI processes? Or do you have one global process with the flexibility that regions then adapt to their local employees, regulations, laws, tax benefits, etc? Thank you.


    Clark Murphy

    I work for a team that does acquisitions here in the United States. And we have a pretty good PMI team! I will say this, we work in many states, which has different state regulation for what we do. We even have someone on our team who specializes in that. TypicalLy, if we do a transaction in a new state, that’s person responsibility is to find out what needs to be done in that state in order to finish that transaction. Typically, the transaction time gets extended and takes a little bit longer to finish that first transaction in that state. I would say the same would go for a new country. That transaction is going to take a little while longer as we finalize what needs to be done in order to complete it. What might take a 90 day transaction, might take a year to a year and half from an agreed purchase price to finalizing the transaction as we sort everything out.


    Hi, very valid question and my initial thoughts would be that we have a set of global processes and tools that can be utilized by the local teams and will be adapted by them to the specific situation. We are a global corporate but with a quite decentralized approach to running the business which I think is generally good in terms of cultural awareness as the people driving projects tend to be close to the transactions/integrations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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