Is M&A ready for AI?

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    Eric Kunitake

    AI is everywhere these days or so it seems. Considering the latest AI models either are or can be trained on virtually all publicly available information on M&A, Project management, OCM, + learn from human interaction, it seems AI holds the potential to greatly transform the way PMI is conducted. Midaxo ( seems to be working on such a solution. Curious if anyone has leveraged AI in any capacity in M&A? How did it go?

    Rachael Bewley

    I’m curious to hear what other professionals think the greatest opportunities are with AI and M&A. Let me know!


    Also curious to hear because I’m fairly familiar with LLMs and AI tools like OpenAI. I just haven’t heard of people applying them to M&A quite yet.

    Max Eager

    Your observation is spot on. Indeed, AI holds immense potential in transforming/enhancing traditional M&A operations and post-merger integrations (PMI). AI can not only automate routine tasks, but also offer predictive analytics, risk assessment, and decision-making support–so, yeah, I’d say we’re going to see an impact.

    Actually, we’ve certainly seen AI emerge as a game-changer within the cybersecurity sector in M&A: AI-based systems help by providing deep insights into vulnerabilities, potential threats, irregular transaction patterns across the merging entities.

    All the same, as with any technology, it is essential to remember that AI is a tool–valuable in the hands of skilled professionals. But certain elements like legal complexities, cultural integration, or negotiation tactics could still do better with human judgement and experience. Also, the cyber threat landscape is ever-evolving. AI systems need constant calibrations and updates to keep up, and security consideration might be bigger than we currently can imagine.

    Kyle Sigmund

    I agree with Max here that AI will have a transformative impact on M&A and post-merger integrations. Initially, I think it will have tremendous time saving capabilities on research, due diligence, and the filtering process for the buy-side. Additionally, I think there is opportunity to use AI as a digital assistant during post-merger integration when coming across areas you may not be familiar with, running scenarios, or offering advice when working through change management.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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