Internal Integration Comms – Effective Methods & Tools

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    Brant Miller

    How do we best mitigate the high risk to effective internal integration communications due to misalignment/incompatibility with a company’s VIRTUAL COMMUNICATIONS CULTURE?
    Is the impact of key integration communication influenced by the message delivery platform?
    Do you want to receive key integration communications via a recorded video, Teams call, Slack channel, or email?
    Virtual meetings and digital communications are now a standard practice across most organizations. While every business is still maturing their adoption of what is most effective for their organization, there has already been significant investment and adjustment to the new channels, technology and communication best practices. For an acquiring organization, it’s highly likely that the target organization has evolved their own culture and technology. Therefore, a high risk to effective communication exists simply due to the added complexity of virtual and digital platforms and the compatible styles and methods of the organization’s leaders.
    Proposed solutions could include:
    1) Leverage the target company’s communications strategies, culture, and technology
    2) Leverage the acquiring company’s communication strategies, culture; technology will be aligned with existing audience access
    3) Create a new communication strategy and tailor to various audiences’ culture and technology
    4) Something else

    What approaches are most effective?
    What considerations are necessary in planning communications strategy?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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